In San Cristóbal-Venezuela, a group of people are brutally repressed by officials of the Tachira state police and the Bolivarian National Police

Karim Vera, deputy to the National Assembly of Venezuela

"Minister Reverol forces the FANB to brutally repress opposition protests"

The deputy to the National Assembly for the state Tachira, Karim Vera, pointed out that the Minister of the Interior Justice and Peace, Nestor Reverol, forces the National Armed Forces officials to use brute force to suppress the anti-government peaceful protests that have been unleashed During the last days at national level.

The congresswoman highlighted the specific case registered in the Táchira state when a group of people concentrated in the square Daniel Tinoco, avenue Carabobo of the city of San Cristóbal who, for no reason, were brutally repressed by officials of the State Police and The Bolivarian National Police, who arrived at the site firing tear gas and shotguns, regardless of the location of children and elderly people who were affected by the gases, and also stole work teams from a journalist in the region.

"We Venezuelans are being victims of a coup d'etat, concretized with the arbitrary actions of the judges of the constitutional hall of the TSJ. We have decided to go out and demonstrate against this sentence and against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, since it is a right established in Article 68 of the Constitution. We have been victims of the brutal repression of the state security forces that are servile to the dictatorship instead of being servile to the Constitution and the people, "he said.

Karim Vera said that the most vile expression of this repression has been the murder of demonstrators, not only in the hands of the public forces but also in the hands of the criminal groups that have been armed by the National Government, "it is necessary to emphasize the forced disappearances Of people demanding in the streets elections, violating articles 44 and 45 of the Constitution, international conventions of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Inter-American Convention on Forced Disappearances, "he added.

I appeal to the FANB

The deputy urged the members of the National Armed Forces not to be accomplices in cases of human rights violations, as she says they are the weakest in the repressive chain, "Venezuela will soon see democracy and freedom, it is you who They will have to give an account on the crimes against humanity committed. At the moment the regime will seek to save itself and will leave them alone in the fulfillment of the responsibilities for being human rights violators. "

Vera sent a message of solidarity to all those people who have relatives unjustly imprisoned for exercising their right, "First Justice and the Bureau of Democratic Unity accompanies them and will provide whatever help is necessary. Every time these young people are hurt and imprisoned, they deeply suffer, the soul of our Venezuela. The regime puts behind the bars the future of our country without counting that the strength of our people is uncontainable, "he exclaimed.

He ended by saying that Primero Justicia will continue to be committed to democracy and change in Venezuela because through the constitutional, electoral and peaceful way, we will achieve the free and progress we all deserve.
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